Three Sexy Fonts That Get Results

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If you want to make your lettering sexier, it's time to learn the basics of sexy lettering. There are a number of options for splitting fonts into categories, but they're most often used to demarcate two basic groups: printed and handwritten fonts. Handwritten fonts, on the other hand, are usually divided into three categories: calligraphic, script and antique. To better understand this categorization, take a closer look at this hierarchy:

Sexy fonts are always larger-sized than regular-sized ones. This gives them a special aesthetic feeling that makes the user feel more confident about the message they're getting. Note that when you use bigger fonts, the overall size of the text will increase. In effect, using sexy font styles will result in the creation of a large, text-size piece of art.

One type of sexy font is the typeface used in headlines. This is also known as the master-headline font, and this is simply breathtaking. The reason why some people find headlines sexy is because they contrast well with the rest of the text, thus it creates visual confusion, forcing readers to decipher what's going on and how the information is presented. For example, if a customer types in the keyword "cheap wedding dress", the first thing that should appear on the page is the sexy title, followed by the sexy subheading.

Another sexy font size is the long text font. This is also known as the all caps or big headline font, which simply makes a big bold statement. It's great when you want people to take action right away because the allcaps will scream out "buy now!" or something similar. However, long text also has a lot of width, so it's not recommended for texts that are thin.

Last but not least, one sexy font that I'd like to introduce to you is the misti font. Misti is a fun font, especially when paired with its partner, the MF heart stuff. Both these fonts scream out "sexy" but most usually has a little more edge than the heart stuff, causing it to be a favorite amongst web designers. So here's how you can pair misti with the rest of your designer tools, and create something truly extraordinary.

When shopping for sexy fonts, always make sure that they have at least three variants, as well as a few variations of the main typeface. Don't skimp on the variations though, as the most important thing is to have something that grabs attention. You can use different serif types, weights, and even colors. For example, if you're designing a brochure, you can use different weights and colors for the title, body, and even the check price. And don't be afraid to mix in any of the old standby serifs or sans serifs, as long as you keep your design consistent.

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