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Figma UI Design Tutorial

  1. find template to pratice
    Figma Resources에서 template 골라서 copy to figma 클릭
  2. Duplicate to your Draft
    copy template to your own figma project

set corner radius

  1. selet shape
  2. enter value for corner radius
    2-1. set value mixed
    : get corner radius to each vertex respectively by click beside icon!!

get interval value

  1. select shape that you want to know interval value around
  2. pressalt
  3. hover mouse to component's position that you want to know how far from shape
  4. press up/down/right/left to key to move shape


  1. with pressing shift, able to scale maintaining original shape's ratio
  2. with pressing shift+alt, able to scale maintaing original shpae's ratio and keep conter position

Fill color

  1. click Fill color
  2. click pipette to import color from others


Free resources

  1. figma templates
  2. figma Icons
  3. Freem image

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