Be a Better Programmer - 01

qksud14·2019년 11월 30일

Lecture 1: Problem Solving 101

Entry Phase

It's important to recognize that the entry phase is a vital part of problem solving and should not be overlooked

  • What do I know?
    Reading the question, Past experience
  • What do i Want?
    Write the problem in your own words - 목표를 이해하는데 도움을 준다.
    Watch out for possible ambiguities - 언어적인 애매함을 주의해라.
  • What can I Introduce?
    Make a diagram
    Write in mathematical notation

Attack Phase

  • Brute Force
    ex) theorem
  • Clever Strategy

Review Phase

  • Check : Make sure your solution actually works.
  • Reflect : What were the big realizations?
  • Extend : Can we make a formula for n steps?

Patterns can be misleading!
More important than noticing a pattern is understanding why it works.


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