How people can book two airlines seats for themselves

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Yes, it is possible to book an extra seat for yourself in an airline. You must check their policies before booking your original ticket. There are many airlines which provide the benefits of 2 seats for one passenger.

You must contact the airline if you have already booked your original flight ticket or looking for how can i book two airlines seats for myself. There is a point which is to check and remember before you book your extra is that if the airline is allowing the luggage of your extra seat. There are several reasons to book your second seat which are:

1- Your comfort.
2- Disability.

If you want to carry a big musical instrument.
Generally want a room for yourself.
Your size. 

1. ALASKA AIRLINES: the Alaska airlines are providing their customers with the extra seats which is also called a comfort seat. To book the comfort seat you have to contact their customer service with your booking id of your original ticket.

2. SPIRIT AIRLINES: in Spirit airlines if you want the second seats then it is very convenient to book as on their official website it is clearly mentioned that you can book a second seat for yourself. 

3. HAWAIIAN AIRLINES: in Hawaiian airlines there is also this policy to get yourself a second ticket. The second ticket is not available for the people who have an economy cabin flight ticket. 

4. JETBLUE: in JetBlue there was a policy earlier that the middle seat will be empty to maintain social distancing. But they are also giving you an extra seat if you want a room for yourself. You can book this online also while booking your original ticket. 

1. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: In Southwest airlines, earlier they were not giving you the facility to book an extra seat because of social distance. You can now book your extra seat for your personal comfort and desire.


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