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WordPress is often the first choice when it comes to the system on which beginners base their websites. No wonder - it is versatile and easy to use, and an accessory is available in Polish. Here are 10 fun facts about WordPress that you didn't know!

WordPress is older than Facebook

The first version of WordPress debuted in 2013, which means that it is even older than Facebook or Twitter. Although the initial versions did not impress with the wealth of possibilities, the system quickly began to win over the fans.

#WordPress is older than Facebook

The license under which WordPress is released is the GNU GPL. This means that anyone can download and use the source code free of charge, and even modify and rebuild it. Probably it caused such a rapid development of this system. In addition, programmers creating plugins and templates for WordPress can earn money on them without any obstacles, which is always a strong motivation for development.

WordPress is owned by a non-profit organization

WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg founded the non-profit organization The WordPress Foundation, which owns the WordPress trademark. Its task is not only to manage the brand, but also to protect the freedom to use its software. The project is supported by donors from all over the world who send donations for the development of the project.

WordPress is available in over 68 languages

WordPress translator volunteers for different language versions. A full translation is available for 68 languages and the number is constantly growing. Also note that there are languages in which partial translation is available. This curiosity is related to another - already in 2014 the number of non-English WordPress installations exceeded the number of English-language installations!

WordPress is used by the White House (and more!)

An example is the United States, where WordPress is used by major government sites (such as the White House site) and smaller town, county, or region sites.WordPress is additionally frequently the driving force of instruction related sites - secondary schools, universities and others. Model? Site of the University of Wrocław in light of WordPress. Need to realize areas of strength for more utilizing WordPress? Look at this rundown. and are not the same

This is an issue that is often problematic for people who come into contact with WordPress for the first time. is a website of a non-profit organization where you can download and use the official system on disk under the GNU GPL license for free. is a blog hosting service that will provide you with a limited platform to set up your blog for free or for a fee. It is managed by (founded by the aforementioned WordPress co-creator).

WordPress MeetUpy takes place in over 100 countries

The community's commitment to the development of WordPress is also evidenced by the number of countries in which meetings of this community take place. More than 700 gatherings in 11 nations are enrolled on the MeetUp stage, partner north of 450,000 members. Pretty much consistently you can participate in an occasion - face to face or on the web - connected with this framework and meet others chipping away at it

WordPress is powered by 65% of websites running CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market. About 45% of all websites on the web use CMS. Of these, 65% use WordPress.This enjoys a ton of benefits - simple admittance to specialized help, an abundance of accessible specialized and mechanical arrangements, simplicity of tracking down instructive materials and trained professionals

You can choose from over 550,000 plugins

At the time of writing this post, there are over 550,000 free plugins available (or those that also offer premium extended PRO versions). Each of them adds a feature to your website - isn't so amazing? It's anything but an embellishment to rehash the sentence that on the off chance that you at any point contemplated a capability required on your site, somebody has certainly made a fitting for it

WordPress pays off to learn!

The great popularity of this system also causes a great demand for specialists in this field. Not just software engineers designers who will make their own answers. Site designers who utilize instant arrangements and modules additionally procure. Furthermore, orders are likewise given to individuals who later handle such a site and add new posts, photographs, and deal with the substance on subpages.

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