How to get verification tick on Snapchat

Aliva Smith·2021년 8월 19일

There is plenty of fake news that is spread around the social media world, if you are a celebrity then there will be numerous fake accounts that will be in social media. So it is mandatory for celebrities to verify their account. In case if you are using snapchat, and feel like you want to verify your account and tick on it, then we are here to guide you. Follow the steps given below to get snapchat verification.

What does this verification look like?

After you are getting verified, you will have a small badge placed next to your name. The process in snapchat is quite similar to that of the instagram account. You can get verified to your snapchat account, if you are famous or even without being famous.

How to get verified even without being famous?

Step 1: For that first you will have to open snapchat on your phone. Then login to your account.
Step 2: In the upper left corner of the screen, click to the profile icon and now you will be on the settings page of the snapchat.
Step 3: Click the gear icon, which is the settings; scroll down until you see support. Then click on I need help.
Step 4: Then tap on the contact us option, choose my snapchat isn’t working. After that, select ‘other’.
Step 5: Scroll down and click yes, finally you will be asked to describe your issue; click on ‘my issue is not listed’.

Get verified being a famous person:

This step applies to people only with those who have many views to their profile. No matter how much your content is duplicated, it isn’t going to work.
You will have to give your username, email, mobile, and when you start to face content duplicated issues. Under the attachment, attach your id for snapchat to recognize your identity. This is how you have to get verified on snapchat.

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2023년 6월 26일
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