How to make a Hotmail account

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Having an email account has become a need of the hour. An email account helps to manage various tasks in one place, like managing accounts on various online platforms, communicating as well as sharing long files, and many more. While it is akin to icing on the cake if you get access to all the fabulous services in one place that an email account can provide, right? It is possible with Hotmail ( now known as Outlook) webmail.

Microsoft Hotmail is one of the best webmail services that permits its users to not only avail of emailing services but also access other Microsoft’s services. Read ahead to know how to create a Hotmail account with some straightforward steps.

Complete Guide to Create a Hotmail (Outlook) Account/ Hotmail sign up

  1. Launch your web browser and approach the Microsoft owned Hotmail sign-up page-
  2. Locate the “No Account? Create One! Option and click on the “create one” working link.
  3. A sign-up pop-up window will open up.
  4. Create an email address and choose the domain name from and the email will look like
  5. Create a strong account password.
  6. Click on next.
  7. Now, enter your First and last name and hit the Next button.
  8. Another pop-up window will show up asking your date of birth and the country name.
  9. Enter all the details and click on the Next button.
  10. Now, select the puzzle (an image or a number code) to verify you are not a robot.
  11. Now check whether you want to stay signed in or not.
  12. Now a welcome page will appear on your screen with your name and the Hotmail/outlook email address mentioned on it.
  13. Manage it as you want.
  14. Done! Your Outlook account is ready to use.
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