Business Scam Alert: Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps

athcexposed·2022년 11월 14일

ATHC Exposed

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Whether or not you are familiar with the term Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps, it is important that you understand who the company is and what it stands for. Take this as a disclaimer on behalf of everyone who has learned the truth about this organization, and trusting it will be solely your own responsibility from this point onward.

On the outside, this company may be a business technology and solutions provider, but in actuality it is a scam. Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps boasts of being an industry leader and introduces itself as a "master of enterprise level technologies." Management adds to the lies and engineers sets of data and press releases that back up the company's claims, so it can attract investors. Sadly, no one hesitates to invest in the company and blindly trust its words because of its goodwill and reputation until it is already too late.

Over the years, the company has made sure to pay extra attention to how it appears to the general public, to milk the most investors out of them. Its marketing team has been working overtime and has been publishing blogs left and right to make it seem like ATHC is the perfect investment opportunity.

Accelerated Holding Corps goes above and beyond your typical con artists by elevating its executives to celebrity status and/or hiring celebrities to the board of directors from the start, creating the impression that the business is reliable. Because of that, an even greater number ends up trusting its words and falling right into its trap.

As for me, everyone was congratulating Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps on its accomplishments and market only made sense that the majority was right and it was a trustworthy name.

In addition, I was approached by the company's CEO Eric Kuvykin, who at the time felt like a hero coming to my rescue while I was in trouble financially. He lied about everything to make me lose sight of the importance of background checks , and made me put all of my money into ATHC.

Once I did, it didn't take me long to understand that Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps had eaten up all of my money and that I had been duped with empty promises of enormous dividends. Please feel free to confirm the commitments that were made to me that I am aware have been made to you too if you have spoken to anyone from Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps.

Knowing full well that prospective investors won't doubt them given the company's standing as a listed company, they will have provided you with a set of forecasts and facts. Using that as so-called proof, they tell you that $ATHC is about to break through, and that if you invest a certain amount of your money now, you will be financially secure for the rest of your life.

Let me spare you the pain and let you know up front that it is all a lie. Do not fall for it.

ALERT - I would like this account to stay here so that whenever someone searches for Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp - ATHC they'll know SCAM activities.

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