Launch Your Own NFT Gaming Platform like Axie infinity get upto valid 50% OFF All Product & Services

bajeela aluin·2021년 12월 15일

Axie infinity clone script is a 100% bug-free source code used to launch NFT gaming platforms. It game assets such as fantasy creatures, accessories, pets, and so on can be used to create NFTs. Now it offers Upto 50% Discounts for all the Products & Services on this Christmas 2021 & New year 2022. You can develop Axie infinity clone software as per your choice of blockchain networks like Binance smart chain, ethereum, and Tron, etc.

Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Script
Decentralized platform
P2P Interactions
Encrypted Data Protection
Multi-layer security protection
Integrated crypto wallet
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
KYC and AML Integration
Debug mode enabled
100% transparency
Customizable Dashboards
And more….
WhiteLabel Axie Infinity Clone Script
This White Label Axie Infinity Marketplace Clone Script has all the features and benefits of the Axie Infinity NFT game you can customize as per your requirements.
Functionalities In Our Axie Infinity Clone Script:-
Governance token
Payment gateway
Native Tokens
Axie Breeding
Why Choose Osiz for Axie Infinity Clone Script Development?
The Osiz as a Leading NFT Game Development Company offers you to build a high-end robust NFT marketplace with customized solutions. They can develop NFT Marketplace with a wide range of use NFT Token exclusively on the blockchain network architecture.
Want to start your own NFT Gaming platform? Then this is the right time to launch the NFT gaming platform like Axie infinity.
Take profits in launching the best NFT Gaming Marketplace now.
To know more information>>>
Call/Whatsapp: +91 9442164852
Telegram: Osiz_Tech

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