Bitcoin is permission-less, you do not need to set up an “account”, or required any e-mail address, user name, or password to login to the wallet
The public and the private keys do not need to be registered, the wallet can generate them for the users
The bitcoin address is used for a transaction, not the user name or identity
Now, another concept in the context of Bitcoin is anonymity like this Bitcoin is permissionless, that you do not need any setup of any account or you do not require an email address user name, or password to login to your wallet anytime you can join in the network. Now, whenever you are joining the network, you do not again need to register your public and the private keys, ah the wallet can generate the public and the private keys for you.
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blockchain technology(hyper ledger,corda, ethereum)

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2021년 8월 30일

You are right, pages like this give you the opportunity to operate anonymously achieving an immense amount of privileges with which consumers can generate more money so that they are not reflected in their actions chain that other sites have to compare the purchases of other investors.

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2022년 1월 28일

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