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Q1-1. Do you think investment is necessary? If so, when is the appropriate period you must do?
I think investment is necessary. All people have to do something whatever the investment way is.
Considering inflation, savings and installment savings are negative. I mean, we need to invest stocks. Although I don't know much about stocks and economy, I'm investing in ETF. I think it is better than only saving money or open installment savings.

Q1-2. How big portion of investing is tolerable?

  • tolerable [adj] : a situation that is tolerable is not very good, but you are able to accept it
  • methodology [cn] : the set of methods and priniciples that you use when studying a particular subject or doing a particular kind of work

It depends on the person. In my case, I'm a quite Risk-taker person. and I organize my money plan. It's not a big deal. I just think how to plan ahead my money. I always keep a financial ledger. I use google spreadsheet tool.
Recently, I decided to recognize my portfolio. It hasn't finished yet.
First, I've calculated the income I'll earn by this year. I divided into three ways : cash(savings), pensions, and stock. and set the ratio for each item. Stock is 60%, cash(savings) is 32% and the last one, pension is 8%.
I put aside little amount of money every month in installment saving plan. and I try to save as much money as I can. I'm well aware that not spending money is the best way to manage my money.
I'll have to start studying of ways to invest it if I want to see it grow.

  • ledger [cn] : a book in which a business, bank, etc records how much money it receives and spends

Q2-1. What type of investor you think you are?

  • Risk-averse : People who are not taking risks and prefer the safe way to make money
  • averse [adj] : unwilling to do something or not liking something
  • Risk-taker : People who are willing to take a risk to make a profit but not as much of risk-lovers. It's between averse-type and lover-type
  • Risk-lovers : Someone who is crazy to make a profit with a dangerous methodology such as DOGGY-COIN

Q3. If you are good with telling what type of investor you are, please identify the mothodology you are using.

Q4. Let say your darling failed with the investment. He/She lost most of their cash through their investment.
In that case, what is your reaction? (You are in a quite sincere relation.)

Q5. What do you guys think the most soundest investment method is?
I think that investing stocks is a good way. I hope people who invest in stocks at least study.

  • sound [adj] : in good condition

Q6. What activity/experience is memorable in your life to enhance your self-development?

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