What happens if my Southwest flight is Cancelled due to weather?

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Southwest Booking Cancelled Due To Weather

Undoubtedly, Southwest is a large airline that allows you to travel to various locations. When you book the Southwest flight, then you sometimes have to postpone your trip when Southwest Cancelled Flight Due To Weather. Here, many services are provided to the users for their booking. However, it is quite important to know the flight cancellation policy of Southwest due to bad weather.

Southwest Cancelled Flight Due to Weather

Southwest Weather Cancellation Policy

Southwest has several rules that are made to tackle this situation completely. Here, you need to employ the following rules.

• Sometimes, severe weather conditions do not permit the flight to operate. In this condition, you will get the option to rebook your flight for free of cost.

• The weather condition also allows you to reserve the seat in any other flight of the same airlines. This reservation is made only when for the same fare class in the flight and same destination.

• If the Southwest Airlines flight got delayed for 5 hours or more because of extreme weather, then the passenger will be counted under the Southwest flight cancellation policy. Here, you will gain the facility of booking the Southwest flight again without any need to pay extra fees.

• This rebooking rule is only allowed when you book into the same travel class and for the flight bound to leave for the same destination.

• The weather rule also allows you to reserve the flight seat only in case of weather not allowing the flight to operate in the air.

On facing any issue in understanding any rule of the Southwest Cancellation Policy, then you should contact the Southwest customer service. This facility is available for you to use from the available contact methods which are valid for you to gain the precious extra details. Now, the flight will allow you to book the flight for various weather related issues that hampers your booking.

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