Templee_0302) TodoLists Toggle Todo not sorted properly ( useCallback & state)

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As I render, The TodoLists are sorted by 2 standards
1) time left
2) is done or not

todos that is 'not' done comes first

and after todos being divided into 'done', 'not done'

then, they are sorted by 'time left'


If I click one of them, and change 'done state' ,
I want to re-order todos above

Code for toggling

  const toggleTodo: ToggleTodo = useCallback(
    (SelectedTodoId: Todo) => {
      let didChange = false;
      const newTodos = todos.map((todo) => {
        if (todo == SelectedTodoId) {
          didChange = true;
          return {
            is_finished: !todo.is_finished,
        return todo;

Code for useEffect ( sort todos in 1st render )

  useEffect(() => {
    // 1. is_finished : false
    // 2. 만들어진 시간 기준 sorting
      todos.slice().sort((a, b) => {
        return (
          // is_finished false 가 먼저
          Number(a.is_finished) - Number(b.is_finished) ||
          // 가장 최근 data 가 위로
          new Date(a.due).valueOf() - new Date(b.due).valueOf()
    console.log('hello useEffect Loading again');
  }, []);


It works in strange way

as you can see, todos above are sorted wrongly


Usecallback dependency in "toggleTodo"


we set 'setTodos' at dependency array,

❤ useCallback

If you use useCallback to certain function,
it means that result of function will return memoized version of result that only changes when the 'values' in 'dependency array' changes

that is,
even if 'todos' state changes after toggle,
it will still return memoized , previous version of 'todos', unless you put 'todos' state in 'dependency array'

So, when you use 'usecallback' to certain function which includes 'state', you must put 'state' into dependency array

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