[Log#5] The final lesson.

eirbeary·2023년 1월 22일

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For the SpartaCodingClub Game Development edition's 5th and final class, I learned how to add sounds/music to further increase the overall completion of a game via an audioManager,

    void Start()
        // 계속 해서 음악 실행
        audioSource.clip = bgmusic;

also how to build the apk file for the game along with the process of adding advertisement for the mobile game to earn revenue.

I even learned tips on where to acquire free assets and learn/find inspiration from other successful mobile games.

I appreciated this lesson because it also gave advice about what to do next after the game is made besides just coding.

I hope they will have a part 2 of classes, providing lessons on more advanced coding or how to code other types of games besides just for mobile. Overall it was an enjoyable experience for me to help me start my coding journey.


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