Forensic Analysis of Wire Messenger in Windows OS

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Digital Forensics

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Wire messenger is secure messenger similar to Signal and Telegram. It has been downloaded over 1 million in Google Playstore, and supports various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS.

This posts cover local artifacts, data reading from IndexedDB, decryption of encrypted attachements in Windows OS.

1. Local Artifacts

Wire's local artifacts store in %AppData%\Wire.

  • Database: \IndexedDB\https_app.wire.com_0.indexeddb.leveldb (IndexedDB)
  • Attachment: \Service Worker\CacheStorage

2. Data reading from IndexedDB

Wire's database has IndexedDB format as below.

We use ccl_chrome_indexeddb(link) to parse IndexedDB to JSON. Specifically, I modify some point of so that it can print all values in the IndexedDB.

for obj_store_name in db.object_store_names:
    obj_store = db[obj_store_name]
    print(f"\tobject_store_id={obj_store.object_store_id}; name={}")
        for message in obj_store.iterate_records():
    except StopIteration:

IndexedDB can be printed like this.

// User access information
   "label":"Windows 10 64-bit 10",
   "model":"Wire Windows",
// Chat Logs

3. Decryption of encrypted attachements

Wire's attachments are all encrypted and stored in Service Worker\CacheStorage. They cached request and response packets when I uploaded a picture on Wire.

Cache files are Chromium Simple Cache (For detailed information, see this). An encrypted image is on the request packet, so I can parse it as below.

  • Size of cache header is fixed 0x18 bytes (0x18)
  • URL length is stored in 0xC ~ 0x10 in little endian. (0x156)
  • So encrypted image starts at offset 0x18 + 0x156 = 0x16E
  • Signature of EOF(End of File) is D8 41 0D 97, choose the first one because it indicate the request packet.
  • So encrypted image ends at offset 0x3AA6E - 1 = 0x3AA6D
  • Copy and paste hex values from start offset to end offset. (Use Ctrl+E in HxD)

In the IndexedDB logs, encryption key named otr_key can be found.

// Attachment
{'conversation': 'f3455ff3-21ee-419e-8a3b-28709518745c',
 // ...
 'otr_key': (12, 104, 172, 189, 164, 135, 145, 145, 20, 65, 54, 158, 191, 53, 24, 191, 93, 220, 61, 164, 1, 218, 182, 98, 224, 212, 188, 228, 36, 236, 88, 253)

Because otr_key is decimal format, It needs to be converted to hex. I use Cyberchef to convert the format.

All right, now we can decrypt the image.

  • Key is otr_key, which is converted to hex.
  • IV is 0x10 bytes at the beginning of encrypted binary.
  • Ciphertext is remaining bytes from offset 0x10.
  • Combine all this in Cyberchef like this.
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