What are computer tech jobs near me?

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What are computer tech jobs near me?

The best computer works for the future
Trying to figure out the best IT career path for you? Want to know which computer tech jobs near me will be the most in demand, offering the highest salaries and the best opportunities for advancement once you complete the training? ITCareerFinder has compiled this comparison of the most popular tech careers of the decade to guide you. These 10 IT jobs will grow the fastest, pay salaries well above the national average, have the highest employment rates, and offer a variety of promotion opportunities.
Compare the best IT jobs by job projections, key growth drivers, salary and more, then click on the links for your favorite IT career paths for deep analysis job images including skills and responsibilities, desirable qualifications , salary analysis, educational requirements, training programs and qualifications. , local job postings, and tips from IT attackers.
The approach used to determine the best computer science jobs this decade was based on a four-point weighted study of job growth forecasts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Outlook Handbook to candidates with management. of technology desks and the ability to move up based on interviews with technology and employment experts, as well as the latest IT hiring trends.
Mobile application developed
One of the fastest growing jobs is mobile application development. The demand for new and innovative mobile applications is growing at an alarming rate as smartphones and tablets transform the way they communicate, access business, information and entertainment. This high demand is one of the biggest IT skills gaps. There is more mobile application development work than an experienced developer needs to fill. Google and Apple platforms (iOS and iPad) will continue to offer mobile developers the best job opportunities. Refer to this chart for mobile operating system market analysis.
Software engineer
The demand for software engineer personnel is increasing along with technological advancement and more and more software. For example, the rapid adoption of cloud technology requires software engineers who can securely and potentially integrate cloud-based cloud applications. Similarly, as the continued growth of computer systems and software continues to spread to new businesses and smart devices, the
need for computer systems to run the business will create jobs for local engineers. software.
Video game designer

The $ 140 billion plus gaming industry has more than tripled in the past decade. Beyond the burgeoning market for PC games and tokens, the rise in popularity, processing power and graphics capabilities for mobile devices has opened up a whole new world of Career opportunities for video game designers, artists and programmers. Game designers with mobile development experience will be sought after, especially as smartphones and tablets continue to change the way video games are played. The use of game design will also benefit from emerging technologies and the growing demand for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

Cyber ​​security specialist
Security will continue to be a major concern for IT operators and hiring managers as the frequency, magnitude and complexity of cyber attacks continue to grow. Year after year, IT officials actively seek out professionals with information security skills, but find good talent hard to find. This offers an incredible opportunity for technology professionals to improve their cybersecurity skills and qualifications. The most in-demand cybersecurity skills include IT asset security, mobile device security, risk management, information authentication, network security, and cloud / virtualization.
Computer systems analyst
As organizations become increasingly dependent on technology, computer systems analysts will be hired to design new systems architects. Healthcare is a key area for the growth of systems analyst work, as aggressive government orders and funding initiatives continue to drive the rise in adoption of electronic health records (EMR), e-pharmacy services, and software projects . other heart health required by normal computer systems. The U.S. Department of Labor also expects a 43% increase in hiring systems analysts at IT consulting firms, which translates into many unrelated and contractual job opportunities in this situation.

web developer
Every year, the largest number of companies bring their offers to the Internet. As the number of online products and services continues to grow, so do web developers and designers. The proliferation of social networks increases the demand for web developers as businesses seek to attract a new generation of customers and bring a competitive edge to this rapidly growing space. Responsive web design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) skills are hot products in this situation as displays have to adapt more and more to different sizes and types of devices, such as smartwatches.

Health information technician
Healthcare will bring more new computer jobs in 2020 than any other industry. Aggressive government ordering and incentive funding for medical practices to adopt centralized electronic health records are driving the unprecedented recruitment of health-educated and trained technicians. demonstrated in these new technologies. Health Information Technicians may earn the lowest starting salary on this list, but the required education is the fastest (usually a 2-year Bachelor's degree in Healthcare IT) and applicants will now study well-positioned for management roles profits like healthcare IT. the labor market is still developing.

Head of technology
Job growth for IT managers is directly related to the growth rates of the IT staff they manage. The gradual growth of a range of technical jobs, including networking, mobile development, software engineering, data management and cloud computing, will continue through 2025 and beyond, thus spurring a strong demand for talented IT managers. Further growth will be driven by an increased focus on information security and the deployment of additional cyber security guards.

Database administrator
Businesses hold a large amount of digital information, exploding with the need for trained and certified DBAs to store, organize, analyze and secure this data. Additionally, as more databases are connected to the Internet and clouds, data security will become increasingly critical and complex; Database administrators and developers, particularly those with information security expertise, will be hired to protect physical data from hackers and other cyber threat vectors.

Network administrator
The demand for network administrators increases as organizations invest in new information systems and network technologies to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage. The rapid adoption of mobile devices and cloud computing in corporate culture means that more organizations are using the Internet to do business online, resulting in more job opportunities for network administrators and network managers who help companies use these new technologies.
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