How to Fix Facebook Not Working Problem

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How to Fix (1888-588-8639) Facebook Not Working Problem

Close and restart the application

If it is the Facebook application that is not loading on your device, the first and very basic thing you can do is close the application and then restart it from your application drawer.

Relaunching the app gives you a fresh start that you urgently need to properly load and deliver the content you want on your device. The task is easy to do and it works most of the time.

Update your operating system version

If you are running an outdated version of iOS or Android on your devices, you need to update them to the latest versions for Facebook to load properly on your device.

An old version of the operating system can cause many problems, including Fix Facebook Not Working Problem on your device, and it is always recommended to keep the version of the operating system updated all the time.

Disable VPN on your device

Many users use a VPN to access certain sites, however, if Facebook does not load while the VPN service is active on your machine, you may want to disable the service. Many times it has been observed that Facebook is not working properly when a VPN is running on your device. Therefore, you must keep your VPN service disabled while using Facebook on your device.

Notifications don't work

When they stop working, it can be a headache. First, make sure you have notifications enabled at the system level. These are found in your device settings. Usually, you will go to Settings> Applications> Facebook> Notifications. Make sure Facebook can post notifications. If so, check the notification settings in the app to make sure they are configured correctly.


Not long ago, Facebook made headlines because of the permissions it was asking for. As a result, Facebook detailed exactly what permissions it was requesting and why.

The bottom line here is that, basically, app developers need access to many facets of a phone's ecosystem in order to function normally. It is certainly advisable to know why these permissions are being sought. But there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The fact that an application needs to access your camera does not mean that the company will be watching you while you shower.

  2. If a company has a good reputation, it is probably fine. Having said this ...

  3. It is your right and privilege to ask these privacy questions.

You can't connect to Facebook

Since Facebook is one of the largest sites on the web, you rarely experience an outage. So the next time you can't get into Facebook, follow a few steps to diagnose the problem:

Visit a website like Down for Everyone to see if Facebook is really down. If so, you can't do much more than wait.
Visit another website to make sure your connection is working. Otherwise, follow our steps to troubleshoot Internet connection problems.
Clear your browser's cache and cookies, or try opening Facebook in an incognito window or another browser. If this works, there may be something wrong with your current browser.
Disable any VPN or tracker blocking extensions you have running and try connecting to Facebook directly.
Restart your PC and router.

Fix issues with Facebook not loading properly

Facebook to connect with your friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and many more people. Without a doubt, it is the largest social media platform in the world with more than 2.5 billion monthly active users. However, you may still encounter some problems when using Facebook such as hardware access errors, Facebook videos not playing, Facebook images not loading, etc. Recently, users have reported another problem: Facebook News Feed is not loading. They experience problems loading the Facebook platform, either through the Facebook application or through their browsers.

Types of Fix Facebook Not Working

Fixing the Facebook problem
You can access Facebook from a variety of devices. Be it your Android phone, iPhone, or your personal computer, Facebook works well with all of these. But the problem arises when Facebook stops loading properly. Many users reported this problem. To fix this issue, first check if this issue is related to your device.

Slow internet connection: Over time, Facebook has increased its data usage. It used to require minimal data, but lately, we've noticed that you need a stable and fast internet connection. If your connection is slow, streaming may not work for you.

Updating your browser application

If you try to use Facebook in an outdated browser, it will not load. Therefore, you must first update your browser to continue uninterrupted browsing. Older versions of your browser may have bugs. These errors can prevent you from visiting your favorite sites. You can download the latest versions of your browser from the official website of your browser.

Updates are available: Facebook is constantly monitoring your apps, and if a bug or glitch arises, it will release an update as soon as possible. If you are waiting for an update, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

Date and time: Facebook works with your time as the setting. If you set the wrong time (on your computer or mobile app), the app crashes because the time doesn't match your location. This is where updating the time solves the problem.

Lack of hardware: Facebook is also available in a lite version for smartphones that do not have enough power to run the main application. If you have an older smartphone, we recommend that you use the Lite app.


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