AUTOSAR SoftWare Component

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Definition of Component

  • Independently excutable object
  • Distinguishable 'part' in a larger program or structure

Application of AUTOSAR

  • A set of interconnected components

Software Component

  • Excution unit with independent meaning
  • Components
- Data (what data)
- Execute function (how execute)
- Event (what situation)
- Connected port (what to connect)
  • Compose whole program through connect each software components

SWC(SoftWare Component) in AUTOSAR

  • Components that are the base unit of AUTOSAR Application
  • Unit of SWC
- Variables: Datas using in the SWC
- Runnable: Called functions when executing SWC
- Port: Edge for interconnect(Communication) between components
- Event: Method for execute 'Runnable'
  • Communication with RTE Layer using AUTOSAR Interface
  • 'ASW-ASW', 'ASW-BSW' Communication using RTE(RunTime Environment)
    <ASW: Application Software - Application program in Application layer>
  • SWC connection
Interface: Specify method and format
Connecter: Actual connect

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