National Donut Day

marongrong·2023년 6월 7일

If a bagle can represent life, the universe, and everything, what can we say of a donut, which one might say(argue) it is just(simply) a sweeter, greasier bagle?

Others might 반대하다 this argument.
-> Others might find this assertion heretical.

Anyway(Regardless), the National Donut Day is celebrated on Friday in the first week of June every year, and it honors all the things of donuts, and all the possibilities of them.
-> falling on the first Friday of every June, seeks to honor the donut for all the things that it is and all that it can become.

Its history is related not to corporate donut sellers but to the 구세군(Salvation Army) which sought to provide emotinal support to soldiers overseas during difficult times.

what moves you makes you

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