Learn How to Reschdule the JetBlue Flight

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If you have travel plans and now you want to change your flight reservations then you can always reschedule your flight booking with the help of some policies. And if the flight reservations that you have are of the jet blue airlines then this blog will help you out with the changes in the flight bookings of the Jet blue Airlines. Tap below for the steps to change the bookings or to reschedule the flight reservations.
Ways to reschedule the flight bookings of the Jet Blue Airlines

Following are the mediums with which you can easily make the jetblue flight booking rescheduling. You can either opt for the online booking or simply visit the ticket counter of the airline.

Online process

1.If you have any query related for modifying the flight reservations then first of all try to open the website of the airline. Now on the website of the Jet Blue Airlines, go to the manage bookings.
2.Under the manage booking tab, tap on the link of change flight reservations and enter your booking number.
3.As you enter the booking number, all the other reservation details will load. Now look for the edit option and see if you are allowed to update the flight reservations or not.
4.In case you are allowed then follow the online directions and then make the changes in the flight reservations and done!
Calling on the helpline number
In case you are not much familiar with the booking process of your flight then you can even call on the helpline number of the airline and then make the changes required. You can make all the required changes in your flight reservations and then you will be done.
Flight change policies of the Jet Blue airlines
1.If you want to make changes then make sure if you do the changes before the allowed timings.
2.You can make all the changes such as date, time or the name of the passenger only once. And for the changes in the name, you can only rectify the spelling mistake.
3.For any official change in the name of the passenger, you have to give official documents.
4.If the new booking is costlier than the old bookings then you have to make the payment of the fare difference first and only then your flight bookings will be updated.
5.However if you had bought any non refundable flight reservations or award flight then that booking will not be eligible for any type of flight changes.

And therefore with the help of the following means, any passenger can easily reschedule the flight reservations. However if you still have doubts or need more information then you can contact the customer care team of the airline for the doubts. They will explain you the solution as they are available 24x7.


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