Daily News Headline - June 1, 2023

신동현·2023년 6월 2일

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  1. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Intel, C3.ai, Advance Auto Parts, HP and more

  2. FTC sues Amazon over Ring doorbell privacy violations

  3. Amazon's Ring to pay FTC $5.8 million over privacy violations

  4. Stocks slip as investors look to House vote on debt ceiling, Nasdaq pops nearly 6% in May: Live updates

  5. Debt ceiling bill advances to House floor vote as McCarthy gets help from Democrats

  6. Debt ceiling bill passes in the House, advances to the Senate days ahead of default deadline

  7. Euro zone inflation falls mmore than expected to 6.1% as core pressures ease

  8. Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Macy's, Salesforce, Dollar General & more

  9. S&P 500 opens flat to start June trading after debt bill passes House: Live updates

<Reference: CNBC>


The world in brief

In today's edition: French and German inflation falls, Lululemon's alluring figures, and a biennale to save Venice

Searching for a middle way

Who will be Taiwan's next president? The election will be fought on how the island should navigate a superpower showdown

Budgeting for war

By historical standards, Russia is spending a puny amount on its invasion of Ukraine. That tells you three big things

  • puny: 작고 연약한; 보잘것없는, 별 볼일 없는

Post haste

The speech police are coming for social media-and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are in the firing line

<Reference: Economist>

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Seventeen friends, a limo crash and a confidential FBI informant-the case that rocked upstate New York

  • informant: 정보원; 정보 제공자

Breaking News

Fed officials signaled they are increasingly likely to hold rates steady at their June meeting, before preparing to raise them again later this summer

The House passed a bill to raise the debt limit in return for spending cuts, a vote seen as a test of Kevin McCarthy's leadership. It now goes to the Senate.

<Reference: Wall Street Journal>


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