[Go] return value is placed in Heap in Golang

shmoon2·2022년 10월 6일


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while learning Golang, I came across something that shows "stability" feature of Golang.

The instructor's quote

for Golang a return value of a function is placed in Heap memory rather than in Stack in Golang.

from an example of the following book, I tried calling a recursive with no break in it.
Tucker의 Go 언어 프로그래밍

resource moniorting using htop1

resource moniorting using htop2

the PrintNo function was called more than 5 million times and htop shows that the server is busy.

a similar code in C does not support such a number of recursives because the system's limit is set to a small value.
ulimit to see the server settings.

stack value is set only to 8k
example C code with no break

#include <stdio.h>

int sum(int i);

int main()
   printf("%d\n", sum(10));

int sum(int i)
   return i+sum(i-1);

the program shuts with Segmentation error


Keep learning Golang!

I live fullest

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