[VMware ESXi] set esxi fw rules to default value

Seunghyun Moon·2022년 10월 11일


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while testing one of the VMware vCenter compliances, accidentally set 'Allowed IP Addresses' field to 'Connections not allowed from all IP address' without giving a trust IP list.

I couldn't access ESXi web console and lost connection between ESXi <-> vCenter.

reset ESXi fw rules

1. esxi shell

to access esxi shell on an actual server, press ALT + F1.
if esxi is disabled, enable it first.(press F2 -> Truoubleshooting Mode Options -> Enable shell Enter -> Enable)

2. esxcli

get current fw value
esxcli network firewall get

reset to default
esxcli network firewall set default-action

verify it
esxcli network firewall get


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2022년 10월 24일

We used to work with the old VMware, but after a while we didn't administer and manage our virtual space. Now the new vmware customer connect is out, what is its benefit?

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2022년 10월 24일

I would not say that it was launched relatively recently. The new vmware was launched back in 2021, this is a completely new control panel, you can change the structure in a few clicks, communicate with clients, if you urgently need to reassign the project management rights to users, this can also be done in a couple of clicks. Here it is described in more detail about vmware customer connect there, read everything

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