How Do I Log Into My PayPal Account?

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The entire world has gone through drastic changes in the last 20 years, especially. It has indeed kept changing throughout history. But, these last 20 years are especially special. We will tell you why, it is due to the echnological evolution that no one has experienced before. Due to this change, almost everything shifted to online mode. From entertainment to finances. Everything is consumed online.

In terms of finances being transferred online, Paypal is one of the pioneers of this shift.PayPal is an American international financial company, it regulates online transactions of money, in simple words. With the help of the technological transfer of money, people do not have to travel to places to exchange cash. They can do it from anywhere. One of the great advantages that it provides is Paypal works Internationally. But, for that Paypal login is necessar

How to log in to your Paypal account?

As we briefly mentioned earlier that to use Paypal cannot be used without logging in. Paypal has two types of accounts, include business and personal accounts. Hence, their login procedures differ as well.

Let's go through the Personal Account log in first.

  1. Download and open the Paypal app.
  2. Find the Sign-up key.
  3. The second step would be to select “Personal Account” option and click on “Next”.
  4. Then of course comes the username and password.
  5. They will ask for your account details.
  6. Therefore, go and click on “Agree and Create Account”.

Business Account

  1. The first step is to tap on “Sign Up” field.
  2. Click on “Business Account” and then “Next”.
  3. After writing information, tap on “Agree and Create Account”.

Verify these accounts by going into sign-in pages and log in with these credentials. There are sites where the option to pay through PayPal appears. You can log into those pages and pay directly.

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