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Go Through a Quick Guide to Recover the Google Account

The users who regularly access Google account have a clear idea regarding its importance. Considered as a user account, one can use this single account to access various Google services. Hence, ensuring the security of the Google account is essential. 

Further, to help users boost the security, the service providers various security options that one can opt for their Google account. And for those who have lost access to their account, they can make use of the Google account recovery process to reset the account password. So, for the users who are not aware of the recovery process, they can check out the detailed steps mentioned below.

Different methods to reset Google account password 

For the users who are failing to reset their account password and looking for details regarding Google recovery, they can check out the different methods provided. 

Begin the recovery process by visiting the Google recovery page. 
On the particular page, enter the email id or phone number and continue. 
Further, after the identification of the account, the user can pick any of the provided methods to perform account recovery. 

**Method 1- Last password

Initially, the user can provide the last password of their Google account. **
After the account is verified, the user can create a new password for the Google account. 

Method 2- Phone number

For the users who fail to perform Google account recovery using the last password, one can request a code on the linked phone number.

The user can mention the provided code to verify the Google account. 
Once verified, the user can reset the password and access Google services without interruption. 

Method 3- Email

Besides, the user can even request a code using email to complete the recovery process. 

After requesting a verification code on email, the user can enter the same when prompted. 
Then, the user can enter the new password after completing account verification. 
After that, the user can use the new password to access the Google account services. 

Method 4- Phone prompt 

Another way to perform Google account recovery is by using the device linked to the account. 

By using the feature, a prompt will appear on the linked phone. 
Then, the user can tap on the prompt and verify the account. 
Now, the user can create a new password for the Google account.

Method 5- Security questions

Lastly, those who have created security questions for their account can make use of this feature to reset the account password. 

For this, the user needs to opt for the security questions as the recovery option.
Then, the user can provide answers to the questions linked to the account. 
After that, the user can create a new password after the account verification. 

Thus, these are the different methods of Google account recovery that one can perform to restore access to the account. And in case, if the user has queries, they can directly reach out to the support. 
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