Jennifer, daughter of a single mother after claiming the position of the best journalist in india sat down for a interview. During this interview she is confronted with reasons to what does she owe her success. Throughout conversation we get to know that it is just not her love for the profession but her past, her fears and much more than that which lead to India giving birth to such a powerful journalist.

Cast & Crew

  • Abhishek Chaudhary
  • Trevor Dcosta
  • Elisha Gras
  • Bryan Francis
  • Jennifer James
  • Kushagra goel
  • Aaron pereira
  • Ujjwal chakraborty
  • Monish Meher
  • Aldrin rego
  • Steve Rodrigo
  • Justin enoch
  • Celine Fernandes
  • Devanshi singh
  • Shubham thorat
  • Pratik lomte
  • Jyotsana nair
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