How much do you need to pay to change your flight date with Allegiant?

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Do you want to change your flight date at Allegiant Air but do not have any idea about the charges it will cost? Well, here in this article you can learn about all the terms and conditions related to the flight change policy at Allegiant. Here you can also get the information about the charges for making a change in your flight reservation.

Flight change policy at Allegiant Air

The flight change policy at Allegiant allows the passengers to change the flight schedule of their Allegiant flights accordingly. If you have an Allegiant booking for a particular date and want to make alterations to it, you can follow this policy and decide when you should make a change in your flight schedule. Below are the key points related to it:

• 24-hour risk-free policy: As per Allegiant Airlines 24-hour risk-free policy, you can change or cancel your flights within the same day (24 hours) at Allegiant. After the passage of this risk-free period, you have to pay a specific amount as a flight change fee.

• Change your Allegiant flights at least seven days before the scheduled flight departure to avoid paying any additional charges and getting a refund. If you initiate a change when less than seven days are remaining in the flight departure, you will not get any credits for the same.

• When you make a flight reservation at Allegiant, you cannot get any credits for no-shows or price differences.

How much do you need to pay for changing a flight at Allegiant Air?

As already mentioned above, when you change your flights after 24 hours at Allegiant Air, you have to pay a certain amount as a flight change penalty. In this section, you can get all the details about the flight change penalty at Allegiant. You can also contact Allegiant customer service to know about the exact amount you need to pay for making an alteration in your flight itinerary. Below are the points related to the flight change fee at Allegiant:

• If you are a TripFlexTM member, you can easily make a change in your flight date and get credits for the same. You do not need to pay any change fee if you have access to TripFlexTM.

• If you are not a TripFlexTM member, then you have to pay $75 for changing your flight itinerary.

However, even if you have a TripFlexTM membership, you have to make an alteration in your flight reservation at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of your Allegiant Air flight. You can also visit the official website of Allegiant Air or call on the Allegiant air phone number for getting more information regarding this. The customer support service at Allegiant Air will tell you about your exact change flight fee if there would be any.

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