[BigData] Graph Mining

Y_Y·2022년 11월 15일


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  • Graph mining for content propagation
  • Graph mining for human behaviors
  • Graphs whose relations are inferred

Graph mining for content propagation

Ex1 : interest Graph in Pinterest

interest Graph -

  • Community detection in Interest Graph
    • Using Louvain method
    • 16 K communities are identified
  • Uniformity in the same community
    • Probability that randomly selected two users in the same community have the same property
  • Uniformity of each property

Prediction on Pin Consumption

  • Prediction methods

집단 흥미를 추출해서 추천해주는 시스템.

Ex2 : Modeling Echo Chamber Network

  • Background : Echo Chambers in Rumor Propagation

Echo chamber - 서로가 영향을 주며 어떤 얘기를 주고받으며 동의하는 그룹

Ex3 : Content Publish & Comsumption Patterns

Graph mining for human behaviors

Ex1 :

Ex2 : Understanding Social Support for MH (Mental Health)

  • Social support : A system that a person with mental illness gets supported from his/her social network
남을 위해(나를 위해) 글을 쓰는 Velog

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