How to recover Google Account using Date of Birth

whattsu·2021년 3월 3일

Gmail account can be recovered by answering the security question that was set to ask date of birth. In case the security question to recover Gmail account was set to ask date of birth, then it is easy to do so. Below mentioned steps can be helpful in recovering Gmail account using date of birth.

Steps to recover Gmail account using date of birth:

Visit Gmail sign in page.
Tap or click on Forgot password link.
Click or tap “Try another way”.
Click on “I don’t have my phone” link.
Type the answer to the security question set at the time of account creation.
Enter the date of birth.
Click on Next button to continue.
Now create a new and strong password. Enter it two times.

Once the process is complete, sign out and sign in with the new password in order to see whether new password is working. Keep in mind that process will work only in case the security question was selected to ask date of birth at the time of recovering Gmail account.

In case the abovementioned steps of google account recovery date of birth does not work, then try to use another way to recover Gmail account. Another ways of recovering Gmail account could be like using phone number or sending verification link. Also, in case the answer to the security question is forgotten or does not take to recovering Gmail account, even then the alternate ways can be used for the same.


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