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How LoRaWAN and Massive IoT are Reshaping Business and Society

Q1. LoRaWan의 IOT가 어떻게 공공의 안전을 지킬 수 있는지 세가지 예를 들어주세요.

A1. According to the article, LoRaWAN can...

First, save air quality by IAQ mornitoring. It aims to measure and reduce pollutants indoors. IoT devices require network connectivity to share data so that they can communicate functionally with building owners and operators.
Second, prevent dangerous leaks. LoRaWAN is used to connect the sensors and it opens the possibility of obtaining additional property management sensor data to prevent leaks.
Third, water resource can be conserved. By Smart water metering, it allows municipalities to support a wide range of commercial and citizen-facing applications beyond just water AMI.

Q2. IOT 가 초래할 수 있는 문제점 세가지를 서술하세요.

A2. Since the technology of IoT is just developing, the security of internets in those 'things' are vulnerable. As a result of searching, IoT service security threats include radio signal disturbance, information leakage, data forgery, and denial of service attacks through IoT device zombieization. I'm afraid the problems of hacking will grow by those threats.
Additionally, in this age when data is important due to weak security, personal information leakage is also feared. Also, as many other parts of daily life are automated, it might lead to unemployment in various unexpected fields.

Q3. 5G 네트워크의 확장이 IoT 개발과 어떤 연관성이 있고, 빠른 데이터 전송이 IoT 의 미래에 어떤 영향을 미칠지에 대해 얘기해봅시다.

A3. As 5G network expands, more IoT objects will be linked in anywhere with stronger connection. I look positively at the security and safety that are strengthened by such strong connections. However, security technologies must develop together in line with the speed of data transmission so that there will be no accidents in using them. So security will someday become the most important.
If everything is connected by fast data transmission, I wonder what will be connected next.
Place? Virtual?


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