[splunk] Using Fields

zyeon·2022년 8월 5일


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Topic 1 – What are Fields?

▪ Understand fields and field auto-extraction

▪ Explore the Fields sidebar

▪ Add fields to the Selected Fields list

▪ Explore and generate reports from the Fields window

Topic 2 – What is Field Discovery?

▪ Understand Field Discovery

▪ Explore search modes and their effect on search results

Topic 3 – Using Fields in Searches

▪ Use fields correctly in basic searches

▪ Use fields with operators

▪ Use the rename command

▪ Use the fields command to improve search performance

Topic 4 – Comparing Temporary versus Persistent Fields

▪ Differentiate between temporary and persistent fields

▪ Create temporary fields with the eval command

▪ Extract temporary fields with the erex and rex commands

Topic 5 – Enriching Data

▪ Understand how fields from lookups, calculated fields, field aliases, and field extractions enrich data


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