5 Ways to Style a Chinese Collar Shirt for Men

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Bored with the regular collar shirts in your wardrobe? Well, how about getting your hands on a styling dimension? The collars you wear have a vital role to play in deciding your style format! You're a UBIC reader; you must have known that already! But let's get you into the details of not a new but trending collar style that's set to level up your style game and place you apart from the crowd!

You must have guessed it by now! We're talking about the Chinese or the Mandarin Collar. Unlike regular and proper collared shirts, this style features the collar encircling the neck while standing upright without a fold or a lapel. Why Chinese or Mandarin? Because the origin of this collar is found in traditional Chinese clothing, along with being a significant part of modern fashion, such as the qipao.

So, a collar without actually a collar! How does that work? Pretty well, actually! The Chinese collar shirt and clothing have managed to gain a lot of popularity for their elegant, classic, and unique looks. More commonly termed the stand-up collar, this collar is not folded from the neckline.

As we talk about looks and elevating your styling game with a Chinese Collar shirt, it's a bit of a task. Wanna know the secret recipe to perfectly pull a Mandarin or Chinese collar with style? We've got your back! Just read the blog till the end, and you'll equip yourself with the best typing tips when it comes to slaying in a Chinese collar.

Look Stylish While Wearing a Chinese Collar Shirt Effortlessly

Minimalistic, Occasion-Based, and Fit-Sized Clothing is the Key

Minimalism goes well with the Chinese collar, the reason being the need to highlight this collar! Try avoiding the combination of the Mandarin collar shirt for men with flashy jeans or trousers.
These collars would work fine if you wear them in accordance with the occasion's demand! The fabric has a real significance here! Let's understand with the help of an example.

Suppose your attire requires a formal status; you need to wear a cotton fabric Chinese collar shirt. Wearing denim types can justify your attire for a semi-formal or a casual event! Linen or Polyester would be perfect for parties.

Oversized or loose shirts would kill the game when it comes to Mandarin collars. Flaunt these collars with the apt-size shirts that fit you well.

Styling a Mandarin Collar Shirt With Blazer

Don't worry; you'll never have to worry about rocking at a party anymore! The Mandarin collar shirt serves as the perfect outfit for a casual party. Style your hair well, groom your beard a bit, and pair your upper outfit with dark-colored jeans, preferably denim, and you are all set to go.

For an elegant and casual look, you need not follow the tuck-in mandate. Keep it tucked out, and make sure that the length of the shirt is not exceeding that of the blazers.

Styling a Mandarin Collar in Chilly Winter

Being a lightweight addition to your wardrobe, the Mandarin collar shirts carry the potential to add elegant layers to your outfit when it's chilly out there. Pick a leather jacket, be it any, buttoned or Mandarin Collar Shirt with a Bomber Jacketzip; both are going to work.

Well, nothing can beat the hassle-free layering experience with the Mandarin collar. No entangling of the collar in winter, and you'll slay, provided that your shirt is shorter than the length of the jacket. Just keep it tucked out, and you're ready to go!

Mandarin Collar Shirt with a Bomber Jacket

If you think that the Mandarin collar is all about that formal look, you need to think again. A bomber jacket and a Mandarin collar shirt would make a perfect combo! The reason behind it? Both of them complement each other and bring out a relatively simple look. Do you have casual outings with your colleagues sometimes? Well, this would make the perfect outfit for those meetings.

Prepping for the Beach with a Mandarin-Shorts Combination

Wanna break free from the daily life hassles and spend a day out on a beach? Well, a Mandarin and shorts combo would just be ideal for the day! Head out with contrasting color shorts and rolled-up shirt sleeves. What would make an excellent appearance for summer and spring would be finalizing the outfit with casual sneakers.

Final Words

Well, towards the end, it can be concluded that Chinese collar shirts mark just the perfect addition to your wardrobe while boasting smartness, simplicity, and elegance. If you haven't tried the Mandarin collar yet, now is the time! Break free from the daily routine and bring the Chinese collar to your wardrobe! Get the top branded shirt for men from UBIC. Shop now!

We definitely don't mean to puzzle you, but the rules are crisp and clear.

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