Guide to Choose the Right White Shirt for Men

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A premium white shirt is unquestionably the bedrock of a gentleman's wardrobe. A simple yet elegance-rich garment that would never fail to give you a stylish look with an affluent vibe. But how do you style it? Cause the way you style it carries the potential to make or break your look. Well, don't worry! We, being your fashion specialist, will equip you with some quick tips to help you choose the right white shirt.
Men have always been fond of white shirts. 'Fond of' might not be the right relationship as we were forced to wear those our entire school life, with a logo of our school on their pockets. Thankfully, we now have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to styling a white shirt.
Let's break our guide into five key points you need to focus on in order to choose the right white shirt.
Knowing the Fabric
What would be the best shirt fabric, according to you, given that you have to show up for a candlelight dinner? You'd want a fabric that's soft and silky, featuring a premium look and feel. The fabric of your shirt decides the aesthetics.
If you are choosing cotton or linen as your shirt fabric, the most common and preferred shirt fabrics, they will be offering you a look that's apt for both casual and formal outings. Well, these fabrics are definitely not gonna give you the rich or premium look you desire for a classy date. Go for satin or silk fabric for your shirts to kill the showy look.

Understanding the Weave Differences

Knowing the core differences in weaving is essential for your outfit to be perfect and as per your expectations. Have a look at some of the most popular weaves out there:
End-on-end - It's a plain 'over and under' kind of weave pattern comprising two or more colors giving out the look of a solid color. This weave features a soft, lightweight, crisp, and subtly textured look, making it ideal wear for warm weather.
Oxford - A dual-tone basket weave pattern that's thick, extensively durable, and warm, making it ideal for casual occasions. Don't experiment with it in formal affairs.
Poplin - Closely woven 'over and under' tread pattern that's breathable, smooth, lightweight, crisp, and kinda silky. Wearing it on a warm day is comforting.
Twill - This easy-to-iron weave features a tight diagonal weave pattern that's durable, soft but thick, crease-resistant, and drapes well. This weave can go with both formal and informal occasions.

Pinpoint - A medium-weight two-over, one-under tread pattern that's slightly transparent and durable, making it ideal for everyday work attire.
Wearing a white shirt with the knowledge of these weaves by your side will definitely assist you in styling better. Twill or Poplin can prove to be the best choice if you are aiming for a less transparent outfit.

Collars are Tricky!

Search for a white shirt on any platform, and you'll end up with several types of collars you can choose from. Similar to the way you choose the right fabric and weave pattern, you must stick to versatility when it comes to collars. For example, a medium-spread collar would just work fine for a classy look, given that you don't end up picking a shirt with extra wide collars.
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Embracing the Cuffs' Potential

Cuffs carry a lot of burdens to add notably to your personality and practicality, making them an inevitable part of the discussion regarding styling a white shirt. Cuffs are categorized in terms of how they are fastened, and we have three major types of shirt cuffs, they are:
Link Cuff - One of the rarest cuff types that are traditionally considered the most elegant and formal. They feature buttonholes on both sides and are tied with cufflinks.
Button Cuff - Also known as a barrel cuff, the button cuff is a folded back cuff, which is then rolled around the hand and buttoned. There are more names for it, such as the Bond Cuff or a Turnback Cuff.
Cocktail Cuff - More commonly known as the James Bond cuff, convertible, flow back, or turnback cuff. They have similar traits to the French and are secured with two buttons. You can fashion it with occasions demanding both black and white tie.
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Promising Finishes with Buttons

We talked about fabrics, patterns, and collars, and only buttons were left. Well, last but certainly not least, buttons bring your whole shirt together! No matter how much men run from the struggles of choosing the right quality buttons for their shirts, these buttons ensure that your shirt stays in top condition for years to come.

Get rid of cheap plastics and resins and ensure your shirt features a quality material, such as the mother-of-pearl, for your shirt to look affluent and crisp for years.

Final Say

You've now gained the basic knowledge that will always help you choose the right shirt to add to your wardrobe and slay whenever you pick it. So keep an eye on our blogs as we commit to bringing the best styles and clothing facts for men who love to wear stylish and look elegant.

We definitely don't mean to puzzle you, but the rules are crisp and clear.

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I don't see why people are so fond of white shirts in the first place. I do think that white papa bear shirts are great, but plain white shirts aren't fun at all. Don't you think so too?

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