What to do when Avast is not opening on windows 10

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The usage of the internet is incredibly high and users have spent hours and hours on the web. Honestly, you cannot even blame them, there are just so many options on the web. From music, movies to emailing and information, everything can be found on the web. With so much access to different websites, come different kinds of viruses in your system.

If you are a heavy user of the internet you cannot run from it and have to use Anti-viruses. One such antivirus that provides great service is Avast. This is a top-notch antivirus that protects your computer from every virus. However, sometimes it faces problems as well and people complain about Avast not working on windows 10. Let's look at the solution to this Avast ineffective problem in the next section.

How to fix Avast, when it is not working in Windows 10?

If you are a user who is eager to know how to fix this Avast not opening problem, then this section is for you.

● Make sure that any other application or antivirus software is not on your computer.

● Click the right button on the Windows Start option and choose Apps and Features that appear in the menu.

● Then make sure that Apps & features are chosen in the left panel, furthermore, choose your version of Avast Antivirus then click on Uninstall.

● If it asks for permission by the User Account Control dialogue, then tap on Yes.

● Once the Avast Setup wizard shows, tap on Repair and then choose Yes to ensure the repair.

● Wait while the setup restorations happen in Avast Antivirus on your PC.

● Once this is complete, click on done and restart your computer.

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