Email services that you can use without a phone number

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Personally, I do not know anyone who isn't using an email account and communicating with his/her peers. Also, I am pretty certain that even you do not know anyone who isn't active on email servicing. People use it for various reasons, including professional and personal reasons. And if you go on the internet you can find the rest of the users getting on one of the email services that are present, including Gmail, Yahoo, AT&T, etc.
But, what people don't often get the answer to is how to make an Email without a phone number. For all the users who are wondering about this, read the next section to know about various email services that don't require a phone number.

How to use an email service without using a phone number?

If you want to use the email services that don't ask for the phone then this section is very important for you. Without wasting much time, let's get into the email services that you might find useful.

  1.; Mail. Com allows you to make email accounts in a few moments. It is known for not asking anything in return when it comes to making an email account, not a phone number and not even an alternative email address.

  2. Tutanota: Tutona is an email service that provides 1GB storage in your email and does not ask for a phone number to sign up or open an account.

  3. Proton Proton mail is famous for being one of the oldest mail services to provide email. And it definitely proves that it can be there for a much longer time. Without providing mail service, it gives great service.

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