Smart Robot Camp and Kia Motors Hwaseong Factory Field Tour

Woo Yeong CHO·2021년 11월 22일


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Developing autonomous car with EV3-kit!

We arrived at the Kia Motors plant and received an overview of how numerous cars could be made. Looking at the entire map, hearing the explanation of the order of what processes are involved, we took a bus and observed the process. It was a great experience since I was traveling by bus, so it didn't feel like a long distance or it didn't take any strength HAHA. And during the tour, a company employee gave a detailed guide on the process, which helped a lot in resolving questions about the process.

Besides, We assembled Lego and developed an algorithm suitable for autonomous driving. One of the things I learned the most from this program was how to fail. It was a task to develop an algorithm to cope with obstacles on the track using multiple sensors and to navigate a difficult course. It was a process where the weight value of the block code had to be continuously adjusted according to the situation, and in this process, our team faced countless failures. The algorithms we had planned didn't work as well as we thought, so we were able to infer the cause of the blemishes and finish the race after a lot of trial and error.

Every time the car crossed the track, I felt like giving up. Also, I will never forget the experience of staying up all night and passionately performing assignments. Although our team could not make it to the rankings, I was able to experience what I had never done at school.

If something difficult happens in the future, I will take on the problem with the confidence that I can do it while remembering the ‘experiences of failure’ I gained through the camp.

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