Cloud Computing

The advent of the cloud can control server resources, space, and network problems.

But the disadvent of the cloud is that if something goes wrong with cloud computer, you can't control it.

Cloud Type

Saas: Cloud providers provide ready-to-use software.

Paas: Cloud providers provide Database and development platform.

Iaas: Cloud providers only provide virtual machines.

AWS is closer to Iaas.


The process of making it available to users.


The process of writing and testing code on your own computer.
It uses dummy data, not real data.


It is the process of merging the code written by developers. It goes through the process of checking if there is a conflict.


Testing is carried out in the environment most similar to the production stage.

Use real data.


Actual data is used, and the service is operated. It won't be make problem.

How to make code work properly in other environments?

  • Use relative paths instead of absolute paths.

  • Set environment variables.

  • Use Docker.


Rent a virtual machine that you can control remotely from AWS.

EC2 is AWS's cloud computing service.
Cloud computing provides various services such as servers, storage, and databases over the Internet.
(Think of it as renting a computer from AWS.)

You can easily configure operating system also CPU, RAM, and capacity.


Relational Database Service

You can install a relational database on EC2, but the reason for using RDS is that AWS does the database maintenance.


Cloud storage service provided by AWS.

Scalability is good. Storage can be easily scaled up/down.

Data can be accessed at high speed, and access requests are fast. However, storage costs are high.

Advantages of S3

Static website hosting is possible.

A file that the server responds to is called dynamic.


You can describe it as the top-level directory where you store your files.

All files stored in S3 must be stored in a bucket. Bucket can store an infinite amount of files.

Files placed in an S3 bucket are called objects. Because it stores data in key-value format.

You can easily search by key in the file.

Every object has a unique URL.

Deploy strategy

Client: S3

Another option is to use EC2, but build the client app as a static file and deploy by S3.

Build is required to use S3.

Build removes unnecessary data, integrates/compresses it, and makes it optimal.
(It reduces the amount of data and makes your website load faster.)

also use AWS CloudFront for global services.
CloudFront is a method of distributing data and providing data in nearby regions. (It can provide fast service to users.)

Server: EC2

You can run server code on EC2 to provide it stably.

Database: RDS

RDS allows you to store and use server data deployed through EC2.

DNS: Route53

Access a service through a domain, use Route53 (AWS service).

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