My first Personal Project: Dance Matching platform_13) 2020_04_29

dhsys112·2020년 4월 30일

To Dos

1. Make it run on server

  • The problem was that... Ubuntu AWS server was not working


2. Enable Web server to reach my mongodb

Even if I clicked.. nothing happened

The problem was that, this server was not connected to DB

Dance is the remote DB I made which I want to connect with MongoDB

But as you see... you cannot find any collections...
which means I have to create new collcetion into the "Dance" DB and put new datas into that

So I tried importing data into remote server

But actually...nothing worked...

Trying. exporting db into Json and reimporting into DB

  • 1) Export into Json file

  • 2) Put it into myenv file through Filezilla ( "Dance_Total.json" )

  • 3) import into Remote DB > Not working

    a. 1st try

it seems like it's connecting to localhost, not the IP I want to connect to

b. 2nd try

at this time. it has problem with authentication....Than I have to put ID and PWD ..!!

c. 3rd try

ha......What ??

d. 4th try
I combined 2nd , 3rd try....not working also

By the way. I checked whether server was approaching to appropriate MongoDB

Okay. it was set...!!

> Solution

I used the python flask to load the db from the local and insert it into remote db server

And it worked !!!


Dream of being "물빵개" ( Go abroad for Dance and Programming)

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