My first Personal Project: Dance Matching platform_9) 2020_04_21

dhsys112·2020년 4월 21일

To dos

1. import CSV into MongoDB > not using python.

select "Add data" and select csv file I want to import

2. Error in representing Korean...

As you see... Korean Language is not presented properly

So. I googled by "MongoDB utf-8"

But it says default of MongoDB is utf-8....??

Then, it is obvious the csv file that I imported to MongoDB
was not "utf-8" from the very get-go

So I checked the python file for saving csv file

as you can see, I saved by "utf-8-sig", not "utf-8"

so I changed to "utf-8" and made new csv file, and imported it into MongoDB.

The result was...??

very successful...haha

Dream of being "물빵개" ( Go abroad for Dance and Programming)

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