[Log#1] My first week of learning coding through SpartaCodingClub. (Game Development Edition)

eirbeary·2023년 1월 7일

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Hello! I will be recording logs of things I have learned and my overall experience with SpartaCodingClub's Game Development coding class.

During my first week, I learned some beginner friendly tips on creating a 2D mobile game using Unity and C#.
The lessons gave me insight on how to create scripts, prefabs, UI, a score system and even 2D sprite animation through recreating the class's sample game "Rain Rtan".
Making this sample game taught me basic game mechanics such as making the character move, changing an object's appearance, colliding with objects, spawning rain that the character can gain points from, and even how to make the game start over.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for me despite being a beginner at coding. ^^
I look forward to learning more in order to create a variety of different games.


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I like game.

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