[Log#2] Learning coding through creating a second game.

Eir·2023년 1월 17일

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During Week #2 of lessons with SpartaCodingClub, I learned how to code even more game mechanics such as making an ingame object follows your cursor and even react with other objects using collision

got a bit more insight into animation (such as going from an idle animation to a dying animation sequence)

as well as creating a score board using UI functions which is able to retain memory of the player's highest score.

Recreating the second lesson's sample game was a fun procress in itself but the gameplay was also a bit more fun than the last.

Onto the next lesson! :D


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2023년 8월 7일

Whether it's a simple 2D platformer or a complex multiplayer adventure, the process of coding and troubleshooting fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The journey to mastering coding becomes even more exciting when learners discover new possibilities and innovative solutions while creating their game. To embark on this path, one can explore various online resources, tutorials, and, of course, ทางเข้ายูฟ่า to connect with like-minded individuals and share their creations.

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2023년 11월 29일

This is very nice, indeed.
Spinner Tools

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2023년 11월 30일

That's fantastic progress! Mastering mechanics like object tracking and collision handling opens a world of possibilities in game development. Understanding animation transitions is a game-changer; it gives depth to characters and adds realism to gameplay. Have you considered drawing inspiration from games like Curse of Aros for your project? Their mechanics showcase intricate object interactions and diverse animations that could provide valuable insights for your game's development journey. Keep experimenting and implementing these techniques; they'll undoubtedly elevate the quality and immersion of your second game!

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