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HJ's Coding Journey·2021년 5월 18일

[Learn] JavaScript

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JavaScript was the very first programming language that I had started out when I first started my journey of becoming a developer as a non-major. Reflecting back on my very first past learning experiences with JavaScript, I started out pretty smoothly until I soon found myself being lost through the middle of the process. Even though I was struggling, I kept rushing myself to learn new topics without mastering the portions which I struggled at. Eventually, I found myself making this process worse by pulling myself into the void of despair. At some point, I realized that I needed to change my way of learning to code. Furthermore, I need to be able to keep my pace and not just rush through to get things into my head. Long story short, I want to start over in order to make things right this time. I created this new blog in order to start my journey again the right way.

Things that I want to promise myself through this process:

  • Learn by coding as much as possible and not just try to memorize.
  • Take notes if necessary (Ex. blogging).
  • Plan out and follow my own pace.
  • Don't get overwhelmed with complicated topics. Take time to digest.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Follow a balanced schedule (Ex. eat well, exercise, sleep early).
  • Through achievements, reward yourself with gifts from time-to-time.
Improving Everyday

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2022년 12월 19일

JavaScript is the core language running behind dynamic websites. It doesn't require any introduction. Need to check this concrete repair and get more new ways for siding repair. However, there are still a lot of developers who don't know all the features of JavaScript language to build interactive and engaging websites.

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