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We all have our own reasons to why we decided to become a programmer/developer. Some people may have a degree in programming-related field to begin with. Others may have chosen to switch careers by graduating from a bootcamp. Whatever the reason, we have all arrived at this point today to continue coding. Even now, it is important to always think about why we decided to code in the first place. In the long run, this will help us set a plan for ourselves to become a better developer.

Have a Clear Goal

  1. Set a specific, measurable, realistic and time-based goal.
  2. Know exactly why you are learning to code.
  3. Imagine a big project you want to be able to build.
  4. Research technologies you need and then learn them: JavaScript, React, etc.

Actually try to Code

  1. Understand the code that you're studying and typing.
  2. Always type the code, don't just copy-paste.

Reinforce your Learning.

  1. After you learn a new feature or concept, apply it immediately.
  2. Take notes: hand-written, blog.
  3. Challenge yourself and practice with small coding exercises and challenges.
  4. Do not hurry in trying to learn something quick. Everyone has their own learning pace.

Keep Practicing

  1. Practicing on your own is the MOST important thing do do. Without practice, you will not get anywhere!
  2. Come up with your own project ideas or copy popular sites or applications, or just parts of them in the beginning.
  3. Do not become used to getting help from others all the time.

Do not become Frustrated

  1. Don't get stuck trying to write the perfect code. Just make sure the code works. Clean and efficient code will come with time.
  2. No one is perfect and practice will help you become better.
  3. If you have time, try refactoring your code.

Don't Give Up!

  1. Embrace the fact that you will never know everything.
  2. Just focus on what you need to achieve your goal.
  3. Even the best developers today continue to learn and make mistakes.

Work with Others!

  1. Work together with others and reinforce your knowledge.
  2. Try explaining your knowledge to others.
  3. You could even try to build a group project with others.

Source: Jonas Schmedtmann

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