Web Design #7 - Border-radius

hjbaek91·2021년 9월 17일

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Using Border-radius

Though creating border-radius in various contents may look insignificant, this process is actually very important for the website to look unique. By giving border-radius, we are able to choose the overall mood of our website. For instance, if we do not give any border-radius, the personality of our website would convey a very serious or elegant atmosphere. On the other hand, if we apply border-radius to various elements, our website could convey a very playful and fun atmosphere. Looking at the actual websites where border-radius is applied and comparing it with ones that have no border-radius can give us a more clear picture.

We may use border-radius to also match the typeface of the text. For instance, if typeface we are using is 'round text', we can give border-radius to elments to display round shapes. If the typeface is squared, then we can give less border-radius but just enough for the elements to look playful.

Border-radius can be applied in most elements including buttons, images, around icons, and even entire sections.

// applying border-radius using css
Border-radius: <size>;
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