+1 (806) 425 2438 How do I contact Hotmail about my account?

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Hotmail is one of the sub products of Microsoft and is now acknowledged as Outlook. There are various functions available in this software, such as sending and receiving mail, managing calendars and tasks, and many more. However, these factories could be available after creating an account, and that can be free or premium. Besides this, at any point, if you are met with confusion, then you can stretch out to Hotmail customer service and get a reverend for the same.

Make a call to Hotmail

The function of Hotmail is quite complicated, which is why the problem that you could face there could be difficult to get as well as complicated to elaborate. In this situation, you can get a direct resolution by making a call to them. Moreover, you can identify a quick revet, and it could be available for 24 hours. For that, you can dial Hotmail's phone number, 1 (800) 642-7676 / 1 (806) 425-2438, and then pick an option from the shared telephone menu.

Use a Get Help App

When you are having difficulty getting through on a call, then you can use the Get Help App and share information in writing. It is a mode offered by Microsoft to resolve its sub product issues, and there, you can find more consistent aid.

First, install the Get Help App from the app store

Further, choose the contact icon

Then, select a product and describe your issues.

Furthermore, you can get enough details to contact Hotmail about my account. So you get to choose an option amongst these available mediums and find an appropriate solution.

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