There is no chance for school-going students and working employees to not know about the zoom app. If you do not know what this zoom is, we will give you a brief explanation. Zoom is a huge platform where video conferencing can be made or any meetings can be held.
So during this pandemic, school kids had school online whereas employees had their office meetings through zoom.

Types of Zoom Account: login is basically two types of zoom account, one is a basic account which is for free but the group meeting will end after 40 mins. The people in the meeting have to click on it again to start the meeting.
Zoom pro is a better version and users enjoy extra features. The meeting will extend as long as they wanted it to be.

Method to create the free zoom account:

To create the account, follow the steps given below as it is, then you can easily create an account.
Step 1: Open your web browser, then in the address bar type login.

Step 2: When the zoom account opens, click on the sign-up, it’s a free option that will be on the top right side of the page.

Step 3: Then enter the date of birth, then your email address and click the sign-up button. By doing so zoom signup is done successfully.

Step 4: Go to the email address you have given, open the mail and click on the activate account.

Step 5: Your account has been successfully created, follow the on-screen instructions and enter the information asked.

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