Since Windows 10 has updated its features it has also brought some errors and bugs that have been creating problems for the users like Windows 10 won’t sleep automatically. This has caused the sudden waking up of your PC from the sleep mode or it won’t allow it to go to sleep automatically.

Way to Fix the Windows Not Sleeping Issue

To fix the issue of the windows not sleeping on its own, the users are requested to follow the steps given below –
1. First the users have to open the Windows 10 and then after that you have to further go to the settings of the Windows 10 to fix my computer not sleeping.
2. Once you have opened the settings of the Windows 10, you have to look for the Update and Security option. After you find the Update and Security option you have to click on it.
3. In that option you will find an option saying Windows update, select that option to go for Windows 10 sleep mode not working.
4. Now, you have to download any update from it and after you have finished the download, restart your PC to apply them and your Computer won’t go to sleep. The problem will be fixed and resolved.

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