Recently many Internet users have asked themselves, "Why was Yahoo chat room discontinued?" Well, many reasons are cited for the demise of this wonderful service. Amongst others, it was being abused by spammers who used it to post their personal ads and thereby lure unwary visitors to their websites and spam in their email boxes. Also many internet users were complaining that they were not receiving any responses from certain participants in the chat rooms and this was making the members of these rooms quite irritated as well.

Yahoo started its Yahoo chat room on 9th March 2021. Yahoo allowed its registered user to make a free account and use it for communicating with other members. In Yahoo chat room one could make a free chat room and then post any message in the chat box. Also in Yahoo chat room you can share files using the File Sharing system.

Facebook Messenger - Best Alternative of Yahoo Chat Room

Now Yahoo has introduced new services like Facebook messenger and whatsapp messenger. These two services are similar to Yahoo but are much better and the former has more advantages than the latter.

Facebook messenger was introduced November 2021 and it's a social networking site where you can chat with friends and family for free. This service also allows you to make a video and post it to your wall and also to invite your friends and family to see your latest picture and post videos to their walls. Whatsapp messenger was also released November 2021 and is similar to Yahoo messenger. Now Yahoo has announced that it is going to completely discontinue Yahoo chat services on 31st March 2021.

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