+1 (802) 308 8848 How do I talk to a live person in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks has been developed to make accounting work easier for small and big organizations globally. It has different features for accounting and finance solutions for bookkeeping in an organization. Now, many people like to consider speaking to a live person at QuickBooks to attain some help regarding the software or to ask questions regarding it. If you are wondering about How do I talk to a live person in QuickBooks? Then, this context will guide you to reach out to the concerned customer service and the possible assistance that can be given.

Suitable methods to contact the customer service of QuickBooks

As QuickBooks is used globally, a number of people would like to contact customer service for numerous questions; therefore, several methods are available to reach a live person. Learn about the methods from the provided list:

  1. Phone Call

Phone support is available at QuickBooks to get through to their customer service department and have a conversation with a live person regarding the doubts and concerns you have. The call assistance is available from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm (EST) daily between Monday and Friday. So, the instructions you need to adhere for receiving the phone call support are as follows:

You need to ring the call in the QuickBooks customer service number: 1-800-446-8848 / 1-802-308-8848,
Choose the required help option from the automated voice during the call,’ and next you will be prompted to connect at the customer service department,
Soon, you will be able to speak to a live person at the QuickBooks department.

  1. Live Chat

Online support has also been availed by QuickBooks for their customers as not everyone can get through by the QuickBooks phone number to a real person for their queries. The live chat would get you the right and necessary support on the QuickBooks queries, and here are the instructions that you have to take into account:

Go on the web page of QuickBooks at first,
In the corner, you need to open the “Talk to Us” window,
After that, select the “Visit Support Page” option,
Scrolling to the end, hit the Contact Us button,
Now the chat page will load,
You must choose the suitable help option from the given drop-down menu,
Write the question and tap the Continue key,
The real person will immediately answer the question on the live chat page.

  1. Ask the Community

QuickBooks provides an “Ask the Community” option where an individual can ask their queries, and an expert will share the related answer in a very short span of time. This option allows you to join the community and share your concerns for better answers. Here are the steps that you can follow to sort out your doubts:

Open the QuickBooks homepage,
Extend the “Learn & Support” menu,
Select the “Community” option,
In the loaded page, you have to tap on the “Ask the Community” key,
You have to log in to your QuickBooks account,
Then you can post your queries in the Community section,
An expert will soon answer your question in full detail.

More info: https://sites.google.com/view/quickbook-live-person/home

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