How to download Window 10 Disc image file

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Windows 10 ISO file permits you to download, install, upgrade or reinstall new updates. Use a USB flash drive or a DVD to create an installation media using the installed Windows 10 ISO file. you can directly download Windows 10 ISO file from the official web page of Microsoft.

Confused about how to download Windows 10 disc image file? Relax! We are here to help you figure out how you can download the Windows 10 ISO file for your computer. Read ahead!

How to download Windows 10 disc file?

You can directly download the windows 10 ISO disc image file from Here is the complete process.
1. Go to the windows 10 ISO download page-
2. Choose either 32 bits or 64 bits windows 10 versions to download.
3. Select the language you wish to download the file in.
4. Click on the download tool now button.
5. Select the save option from the dialogue box asking for saving the file on your computer.

Things to remember while downloading Windows 10 ISO disc image file

1. Back up your data before beginning the upgrade process.
2. Save the windows login password for accessing the product key later on.
3. Make sure sufficient space is available on either hard disc or storage media.
4. Connect your device with a stable internet connection.
5. Check the computer processor – 32 or 64 bits to ensure the minimum system update requirements.
6. Check the current language you are using on your system and download the windows 10 disc file using the same language.

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